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The continuous quest to innovative ideas and approaches sets Elets publications apart and unique in all its aspects. Some of the key publications are:

With the aim of promoting and aiding the use of ICT in education, Amateur Porn digitalLEARNING magazine focuses on the current trends, perspectives, researches, discussions and initiatives of various countries of the world in the field of ICT and education. This monthly education magazine has built up a vast body of knowledge that can help organisations and government agencies regarding e-learning initiatives or other technology mediated learning. Apart from bringing the national and global discussions on ICT and education to the forefront of the global community, digitalLEARNING magazine issues have also covered public-private partnership movements, computer-aided learning, technology in schools or such applications in higher education and the civil society initiatives of different nations of the world.


Mature Amateur tube egov is Asia’s first and only print-cum-online magazine ( on e-Governance, focusing on the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in governance, since last six years. The magazine provides an extensive coverage on the latest e-Governance news and updates around the globe. It also acts as a repository of valuable information and meaningful discussion on e-Governance. In the past five years egov has a wide readership and involvement of almost all the stakeholders – policy makers, experts, industry leaders, practitioners, administrators, and academia- engaged in the e-Governance domain.

visitwebsite Amateur Porn eHEALTH is a premier print and online monthly publication focusing on the latest and most cutting-edge in healthcare ICTs and medical technologies. It is also the first and only magazine focusing on policy interventions in healthcare, health insurance, medical education, and other such emerging topics.

eHEALTH offers three unique media platforms (viz. monthly print magazine, weekly e-Newsletters and a web portal) for delivering rich, relevant and up-to-date information for its readers and consumers spanning across the entire healthcare industry.

Further, eHEALTH organizes niche events in the healthcare spacer that aim at bringing together key stakeholders on a common pulsating platform for high level deliberations.


Porn tube the-banking-postBanking & Financial Post, a quarterly magazine published by Elets Technomedia Pvt Ltd, prides itself in spotting key trends in Banking, Financial services and Insurance (BFSI). No other magazine in Asia offers readers such in-depth coverage of BFSI sector. We cover all aspects of the sector – from major challenges in the growth of BFSI sector to new technological advances. Porn tube

The magazine’s biggest advantage is its ability to carry the views of all the stakeholders in BFSI domain – policy makers, bankers, experts, industry leaders, etc. Our experienced team of editors, researchers, and marketers take a 360-degree approach for creating content – breaking news, feature articles and interviews – that can keep our steadily growing global audience well informed. The who’s who in the industry disseminate their ideas and innovations through our magazine.