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We publish four magazines promoting usage of technology and innovations in governance, healthcare, education, and financial services sector


The eGOV magazine is Asia’s first monthly magazine promoting usage of ICT for innovations in governance. Launched in 2005, the magazine is published in both print and online formats. eGOV focuses exclusively on fostering innovations in governance leading to greater efficiency, accountability and transparency in governance, thus bringing the government closer to the citizens. The magazine offers readers such in-depth coverage of news on latest e-Governance models and global best practices.

We cover all aspects of e-Governance – from technological advancements in ICT to new digital interfaces and the myriad issues involved in implementation of e-Governance initiatives. eGOV aims to be the readers’ first stop for knowing the latest trends, technologies and path breaking initiatives in the world of e-Governance. No wonder, the Who’s Who of Government, industry and policy think tanks prefer to disseminate their ideas and innovations through the pages of eGOV.

Digital Learning

A bimonthly magazine focusing on tech enabled revolution in digital learning. Asia’s premier magazine on education, digitalLEARNING was founded in 2005. Its mission is to raise awareness about how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is playing a seminal role in enhancing the scope, reach and quality of education.

In essence, digitalLEARNING offers an unbiased presentation of the myriad issues that lie at the core of this technological innovations in education versus ‘traditional educational methods’ debate. The magazine reports from a complete 360° perspective – through high-quality print and online formats, newsletters, social networking outlets, and prestigious events, summits and conferences on education. In the crowded field of educational publications, digitalLEARNING stands out because of its useful, bold and analytical coverage.


A niche monthly magazine promoting innovations & technology in the health sector. eHEALTH is more than a decade old now and it has been keenly observing all the changes occurring in the healthcare landscape. It might prove to be a herculean task to put our range of activities in few words to create vivid memories. In brief, eHEALTH, as an online and print platform, elegantly guides the healthcare stakeholders through the trajectory of healthcare that witness fascinating changes on a daily basis due to increased technological intervention and other structural changes

eHEALTH strives to create a community of practice by enabling the policymakers and stakeholders to conduct brilliant exploration of key lacunas, as well as stunning opportunities that can widen the reach of dedicated healthcare service providers through the length and breadth of both within and outside the Indian market.

The Banking & Finance Post

A bimonthly magazine capturing the latest from the world of banking & financial services sector. This bi-monthly magazine of The Banking & Finance Post, published by Elets Technomedia Pvt Ltd, prides itself in spotting and highlighting key trends in the BFSI sector.Providing an in-depth coverage about all aspects of the sector – from major challenges in the growth of BFSI sector to new technological advances, the magazine has acquired a distinct place in Asia.

The magazine serves as a bouquet of views of all stakeholders in BFSI domain – policy makers, bankers, experts, industry leaders, etc. Our experienced team of editors, researchers, and marketers takes a 360-degree approach for creating content – news, features, articles and interviews – keeping our steadily growing global audience well-informed about the latest and most important trends, challenges and solutions.

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