School Fees Payment


Schools, colleges, and all education institutions are under extreme financial constraints due to lockdown and the pertaining Covid-19 situation. At these times, we also have to remember our academic institutions' situation as they are fundamental supporters and continuously foster future generations.

During these times, it is extremely important that we understand their difficulties and challenges they face-paying salaries,maintaining infrastructure, employingIT, and maintaining constant communication and support to the student community

It is also essential to consider the diverse community of teachers, professors, support staff, etc. these institutions employ and the livelihoods they support. Further, Education institutions have also taken steps in making sure that the student and parent community is aided financially through measures such as:

  • Reduction in tuition fees

  • Allowing to pay in installments

  • Allowing delayed school fees payments

  • Facilitating children in online learning

In this unprecedented situation, it becomes exponentially important that wes upportthem in their endeavor to provide quality education to our students and prepare them for the future

Hence, we must understand this issue, and we sincerely appeal to the parents and student community to allow these institutions to restart with increased resilience than ever before.

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